Jhonny Cerón (Guest doctoral student)

Thesis title: Contributions to support self-regulated learning in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Thesis abstract: This thesis is oriented to generate a methodological strategy supported by ICT that supports the improvement of the user experience of MOOC courses, based on the theory of self-regulation proposed by Barry J. Zimmerman, supported with methodological supports that make use of ICT, in the three phases of the model: planning, execution and self-reflection. The research design has a mixed character that will include quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods and is guided by the Research Based Design research methodology, based on the software development processes associated with the SCRUM methodology. It seeks to define a serious methodological process that allows to generate contributions that will be validated during the development of the research to support the self-regulation of student learning in a MOOC, facilitating the participants of these courses to achieve the proposed learning objectives and verifying the impact of real scenarios.

Thesis supervisors: Silvia Baldiris (UNIR), Gloria Liliana Vélez Saldarriaga (UPB).

Year of first enrolment in the doctorate: 2017

Nationality: Colombian

University of enrolment: