Mission and Objectives


The mission of this joint project at UNIR Research is to facilitate the international adoption and improvement of techniques, strategies, methodologies, tools and resources, on Educational Technogolies and Open Educational Resources. UNIR wishes to build a bridge between Europe, Latin America and countries from other continents, facilitating cooperation actions in order to create a strong international eLearning team work.

Facilitating North-South cooperation, the project fosters the creation, exchange and transfer of eLearning knowledge and good practices, ensuring a broader access to scientific and technical knowledge and its wider dissemination, especially in developing countries.


The combined work is focused on the following objectives:

  • Contribute to knowledge creation, transfer, dissemination and valorization in the field of eLearning and Open Educational Resources, with particular emphasis on the combination of formal and informal learning, as a way to promote a universal access to quality education.
  • Develop and support a network of excellence for researchers, facilitating collaboration between internationally recognized researchers, the research teams of UNIR and other higher education institutions, companies, user associations, and other actors.
  • Foster cooperation with local and international institutions, mainly in Europe and Latin America, facilitating scientific exchange between students, teachers and researchers, with the contribution of Public Administration, experts and professionals in the field.