Institutional Chairs

The research activity developed by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) has been supported by several institutional chairs signed between the University and some international and national organisms.

The main objective of this research and knowledge transfer tools, coordinated by the Vice rectorate for International Research is to design, to keep, and to foster solid relations between UNIR and other active networks of users and institutions focus on the subject of each chair who allow to improve research, training and dissemination.


The mission of UNESCO Chair on eLearning  is to facilitate the international adoption and improvement of techniques, strategies, methodologies, tools and resources, on Educational Technologies and Open Educational Resources that promote universal access to education.
The IBM-UNIR Chair on Data Science in Education aims to foster the study, design, and big volumes of data management. It is focused mainly on the educational process like: improvement of learning performance, methodology and technology innovation and knowledge transfer.
The Telefónica-UNIR Chair on Digital Society and Education  promotes the study, awareness and research on the digital environment and its impact on Education and Society. Both institutions have experts who combine their experience to transfer the results and advances produced in the Chair to the citizens.
The main objective of AENOR-UNIR Chair on Quality and Technology Standars in Certification is to facilitate the training, research, dissemination, standardization in knowledge and abilities about certification and normalization in the technology and quality fields.
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