Shila Ganguly (Project manager)


She works at the International Project Office in the Vice-Chancellorship for International Research ( She manages European and International research and innovation initiatives. With more than 8 years of experience, she has run Research and Development Projects since 2014, being involved in chemical and educational national work programmes (CDTI, ICEX or Ministry of Economy) and European Programmes […]


Joaquín Alonso (Project manager)


He works as a senior project manager at Vice-Chancellorship for International Research ( He holds a Law degree from Oviedo University. He’s been working in research management activities for Spanish regional governments, institutions and employers’ associations since 2001. He has worked as Technology Watch and Technology Transfer program manager in Madrid R&D regional system and IRC network. […]


Sergio Muñoz (UNIR doctoral student)


Thesis title: Data science in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) environments. Thesis abstract: ICUs, both in neonatology, paediatrics and adults, are scenarios with a very high clinical complexity. The critically ill patient requires a great deal of attention from highly qualified professionals. These services are equipped with diverse healthcare technologies (integrated and digital) with the capacity […]


Nadia McGowan (Collaborating researcher)


PhD in audiovisual communication, advertising and public relations from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). She also holds a master’s degree in script development from the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) and a degree in Art History from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED). Previously, she obtained a diploma in Cinematography and Audiovisual […]


Paula Lamo (Collaborating researcher)


PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cantabria and lecturer at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR). She has 3 academic degrees (degree in Maritime engineering, technical naval engineer and diploma in Naval machinery) and 4 official university master’s degrees (Occupational risk prevention, Renewable energies, Integrated management of quality, environment and occupational risk prevention; […]


Nelly Rigaud (Collaborating researcher)


Mechanical Electrical Engineer, Master in Engineering and PhD in Systems Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering in correspondence with the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Director of the engineering area of UNIR Mexico. She has developed different consultancy projects oriented to organisational intervention and technological […]


Carolina García Mata (Collaborating researcher)


PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Extremadura, European Doctorate mention. Specialist in integrated management systems (HSEQ) and occupational risk prevention. Professor and researcher at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) in the aforementioned areas, she is academic director of the university master’s degree in Design and management of technological projects and participates […]


Rebeca Sánchez (Collaborating researcher)


PhD in Chemical, environmental and materials engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Specialist in biomass and renewable energies, participating in various projects. Lecturer and researcher at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) in the areas of environment and R&D&I projects. She participates in the research group Industry, Energy and Sustainability  (InES-Industria, Energía y Sostenibilidad-, by […]


Daniel María González (Collaborating researcher)


PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Granada. Specialised in integrated water management, occupational risk prevention, business administration and management. Professor and researcher at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) in the areas of environment and R&D&I projects. He participates in the research group Industry, Energy and Sustainability (InES-Industria, Energía y Sostenibilidad-, by its acronym in […]


Olga Sanz (Project assistant)


She works as Project Assistant at Vicerectorate for International Research ( at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR). For more than 12 years, she has carried out administrative and coordination work in the field of training, mainly in the health sector. She has participated in the production of manuals, magazines, promotional materials and both, digital and paper content. She has provided […]


Lina María Castro (Guest doctoral student)

Lina Maria Castro

Thesis title: Digital transformation in higher education institutions. Implementation model. Thesis summary: It focuses on the creation of an implementation model of digital transformation in higher education institutions that facilitates the appropriation of DT processes within them. It will be guided under the quantitative methodology, applying the Structural Equations theory to validate the model. Thesis directors: […]


Aida López (Researcher)


She works as a senior project researcher and expert in the development of digital competencies and social inclusion at UNIR, where her research work is focused on the analysis and design of competences and digital content for their development, aimed at young people for their employability. She is a PHD and Degree in sociology, in […]


Jairo Quintero (Guest doctoral student)

Jairo Quintero

Thesis title: Contributions to the design of multimodal augmented learning scenarios that cater for diversity. Thesis abstract: The rise of the so-called emerging technologies has changed the way of accessing information. They have become a great ally for the purpose of addressing the diverse needs of students in the educational system, along with mobile devices […]


David Antonio Rosas (UNIR doctoral student)

David Rosas

Thesis title: Gamification in academic work environments: peculiarities, benefits and difficulties. Application in the use of open educational practices. Thesis abstract: We will develop and investigate examples of gamified educational practices in UNIR from the paradigm of design-based research, in order to propose ways to improve the processes studied and increase the degree of user […]


Jhonny Cerón (Guest doctoral student)

Jhonny Ceron

Thesis title: Contributions to support self-regulated learning in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Thesis abstract: This thesis is oriented to generate a methodological strategy supported by ICT that supports the improvement of the user experience of MOOC courses, based on the theory of self-regulation proposed by Barry J. Zimmerman, supported with methodological supports that make […]


Iratxe Lejarreta (UNIR doctoral student)


Thesis title: To be defined. Research proposal: It focuses on the use and impact of digital educational resources in different scenarios, paying special attention to the characteristics and results of their application in low development environments, such as Kenya. The impact of the sudden application of digital resources and online methodologies in different educational settings […]


Marcelo Guerra (UNIR doctoral student)

Marcelo Guerra

Thesis title: Automatic feedback and its effect on student’s performane in online assessments. Thesis abstract: Machine Learning (ML) has the potential to generate significant improvements in learning experiences. Many technologies and studies have been developed to establish the possibilities, costs, and drawbacks of using this technology in education settings. However, despite this infomration, automatic feedback technologies are […]


Antonio Jesús Amores (UNIR doctoral student)

Antonio Jesus Amores

Thesis title: Adaptive and collaborative learning through a learning manager for secondary school students. Thesis abstract: Learning platforms are becoming a very influential tool in education. The present work is based on designing an adaptive and collaborative online platform based on the cognitive state and the adaptation of the pace and learning style of each […]


Gustavo Adolfo Pérez (Guest doctoral student)

Gustavo Adolfo Pérez

Thesis title:  Model for the elaboration of the master plan for change management, which allows the appropriation of the digital culture in people belonging to higher education institutions, using user analytics techniques. Thesis abstract: Transformations, and in this case digital ones, always affect the essence of being, it is people who determine whether processes change easily or […]


José Ignacio Palacios (UNIR doctoral student)

Jose Palacios

Thesis title: Open innovation maturity model: challenges for higher education. Thesis abstract: The idea of the university as the main manager and creator of knowledge is facing new challenges every day and, consequently, the need to redefine its role and function in society and, in particular, the way in which it should promote an adequate transfer of […]


Dai Griffiths (Researcher)

Dai Griffiths

He is an arts graduate, who in the 1990’s became fascinated by early Macs and the emerging internet. Since then he has worked in educational technology as a researcher and teacher, and project manager, seeking to understand the relationship between people and computers. In 2008 he was awarded a doctorate from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, […]


Silvia Margarita Baldiris (Researcher)

Silvia Baldiris

Researcher in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), with great interest in generating knowledge about how ICT can help improve the learning experiences of students and teachers, providing learning environments that meet the needs of all students and teachers. His lines of work include open education, educational inclusion and web accessibility, user modelling to […]


Daniel Burgos (Director)


Prof. Dr. Daniel Burgos works as Vice-rector for International Research, and Full Professor of Education & Communication Technologies at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR). He also holds the UNESCO Chair on eLearning and the ICDE Chair in Open Educational Resources at UNIR. He is or has been involved in a number of R&D projects […]


Stefania Aceto (Project manager)


She works as Senior Project Manager and Expert in Educational Innovation at UNIR iTED. She has a Degree in Political Sciences and Economics and a Master in Project Management in the Service Sector. Since 1998 she has been collaborating with Scienter and with the MENON Network: Since 2001 she is Head of the Observatory Unit on […]


José Carlos San José (Head of ICT development)


He works as Head of ICT development at the Vice-Rectorate for International Projects ( and at the Institute for Research, Innovation and Educational Technology (UNIR iTED). He works on several European projects and other specific projects of the Vice-Rectorate (MEDICI, OpenGame, EXALT,…). He has extensive experience in teaching Computer Science, a subject in which he is a senior […]


Natalia Padilla (Researcher)


She is a researcher at the Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology (, in projects such as Social Seducement, V-Tours, KeyStone u OpenGame. In addition, he is Adjunct Professor at UNIR (2015-present), belonging to the School of Engineering and Technology. She teaches in the Degree in Computer Science, Master of Mobile Application and Master of Software Engineering […]


Alberto Corbi (Researcher)


Researcher in the Vice-chancellorship for International Research ( Previously he worked as a researcher for the Research Group TELSOCK. Degree in Physics. Co-founder and development manager at mobile software platforms for nuclear medicine in an industry leader multinational company. Teaching in the upper cycle Application Development modules and programming interfaces and mobile development platform. Research […]