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Enhanced students participation in armenian universities quality assurance, thank to knowledge transference, in ESPAQ project

Awards to the armenian students for its  commitement in the dissemination of the project in their universities
2017 - Nov 20
Four years ago the ESPAQ partners were wondering how we could involve the armenian universities students in quality assurance processes, Read more

Knowledge against inequality

Los Datos Abiertos pueden ayudar a visibilizar información hasta ahora mantenida en segundo plano para ayudar a la transformación social./ CC0 Photo by Climate KIC on Unsplash
2017 - Nov 17
A paper of Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) shows how Open Data uses can lead to a improvement facing social Read more

The importance of the emotional environment in psychosis development

El estudio subraya la importancia de ayudar a las familias a una mejor comprensión de la situación y a la aceptación progresiva de la misma. / Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash
2017 - Nov 15
A research that involves Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) gives us important information about the psychological process that affects the  caregivers of Read more

The ESPAQ Students’ Handbook is out!

2017 - Nov 15
As from the publication Preface: “This handbook explores what is meant by quality, provides an overview of quality assurance and enhancement Read more

Campaigning Armenian students’ engagement in Quality Assurance

Sin título
2017 - Nov 14
UNIR has participated as part of the Evaluation Committe in the contest STUDENTS CREATIVE POSTER: Armenian students of partner HEIs Read more

Last Project meeting and Advisory Board meeting

2017 - Nov 13
The last project meeting of the ESPAQ project took place in Brussels on October 9, 2017. All partners discussed about Read more

2 against 200. When the minority hijacks the reason

Key players in the Education Commission, trying to get an agreement
2017 - Nov 8
At the 39th UNESCO Conference General, Education Commission, we have been through a bizarre situation. 2 countries were blocking the Read more

UNESCO, SDGs, Pigmalion y por qué 1+1>2

Con la delegación española en la 39 Conferencia General
2017 - Nov 6
El efecto Pigmalion ve por encima de las limitaciones y de las restricciones que uno mismo se empeña en auto Read more

25 years of global commitement with higher education

2017 - Nov 2
“After 25 years we are in better conditions to say higher education has to be at the height of the Read more

The Martin Wolpers Award at JTEL 2017 goes to Zacharoula Papamitsiou

2017 - Oct 17
Last week, 9-13 October, 2017, the 13th Joint European Summer School on Technology-enhanced Learning took place in Aveiro, Portugal (JTEL). Read more