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V-Tours conversation between university and industry focused on soft skills

Stakeholders debating about the relationship between university and industry.
2017 - Mar 23
16th March 2017. Putting in practice one of the main objectives of the project, V-Tours has organized a half-day seminar at Read more

Showing to stakeholders the serious game “Social Planet” developed by Social Seducement

Rubén González shows SocialPlanet the serious game designed by the project
2017 - Mar 23
16th March 2017. Stakeholders had an opportunity to know deeply about the features of Social Planet, the serious game developed by Read more

Key breakthrough issues in education that cannot wait

About transgenic learning and the need for a crash solution
2017 - Mar 13
You never know where to find inspiration. The great master Picasso quoted that inspiration exists but it has to find Read more

Horizon Report 2017 highlights Advancing Digital Equity and the impact of Artificial Intelligence

2017 - Feb 21
21st February 2017. The Horizon Report 2017: Higher Education Edition is now avalaible online and free.  It analyses the main Read more

Off-line eLearning

2017 - Feb 21
Early February, I developed an invited workshop about Transgenic Learning at ODLAA 2017 Conference, the Open & Distance Learning Association Read more

The effectiveness of serious gaming with Social Seducement

2017 - Feb 13
Social Seducement, EU funded project, are holding a seminar in Madrid on Wednesday, March 15th, from 4 pm to 6 Read more

A platform makes the web accessible to people with disabilities

2016 - May 19
Researchers at the International University of La Rioja and the University of Oviedo have developed Social4All, a computing platform that detects problems Read more

3 minutes about Open Education, an online video series from OpenMed project

2017 - Feb 2
The EU fund project has released a series of video interviews with Open Education experts about practices across the Mediterranean Read more

Le bottom-up approche. La déclaration du Maroc

Participants en la Marocaine conférence de l’éducation ouverte et du projet OpenMed / Foto: Fabio Nascimbeni
2016 - Dec 13
Durant les derniers jours, je suis allé à Marrakech, pour participer en la Marocaine conférence de l’éducation ouverte.  La signification Read more

50 shades of openness

Participants at the Open Education day in Marrakech, Morocco, Dec 6-8, 2016, with the support of the OpenMed project
2016 - Dec 13
It hits me so often and so hard how different the same word can elicit so many assorted meanings depending Read more