Research lines

UNIR iTED works on a number of research lines, which are mutually complementary:

Adaptive and Collaborative Learning, that takes into account the various input data and actors in the educational process and recommends learning itineraries, interfaces and contents.

Learning analytics, focused on the storage, and analysis of data provided by students, teachers and other members of the educational community using Learning Management Systems, Social Networks and user interaction. Learning analytics aims at increasing the user performance and other learning criteria

Design, publishing and distribution of digital multimedia and interactive contents.

Online educational games and simulations, which allow for a full integration into learning systems

Implementation of multiplatform and multi-device learning resources and methods: mobile devices, video game consoles, ipTV, et cetera

eLearning standards, interoperability and systems integration, which aim at encouraging the reuse of contents and processes and the compatibility between systems and notations

Social learning and learning networks, which promotes the experience based on users rather than institutions, in the relation between users and their contributions, as well as in the interaction between both

Ubiquitous learning, integrated in daily life and at work.

Visual environments for user model authoring, and content authoring, easy to use for non-experts and with a conceptual design of high level.

Use, modification, implementation and evaluation of ICTs in the classroom, with a special focus on didactics, learning strategies and teaching methods.