Patent: u-Professor, monitoring activities carried out by user groups

Method of monitoring activities carried out by user groups in digital online environments

This system is a tool designed primarily for teachers and potentially for students of educational courses that are taught periodically and in which the student’s activity leaves a monitorable electronic footprint.

u-Professor establishes the similarity between the traces of students who are studying the course with respect to the results of other students who studied the same subject in the past.

The main objective of this tool is to provide a technical solution that allows for the comparison of activities carried out by different groups at different times, in order to extract information that, presented visually, can be useful for teachers to know the development and use of the subject in different times. In the same way, the student will also benefit from this, as it will allow them to know their academic situation and thus strengthen their personal reflection on their evolution, as a means of improving performance and learning results.

u-Professor is oriented to two main sources:

  • The search for artificial intelligence and data mining techniques capable of extracting the necessary information to establish a visual relationship between course activity and academic performance.
  • The design and refinement of a visual proposal that allows to transmit the idea to the final user without distracting him/her from his/her main tasks while providing him/her with useful supporting information.

The technical implementation of this procedure allows identifying those tasks or activities in the educational field that are carried out by the students with better results. This will provide teachers with new tools with which to motivate or recommend students to perform certain tasks in order to obtain better results. The system encourages students to try to be similar to the “best” students of previous years.

Contract reference: 1809016-EPO