Patent: u-JITT, notifications to users with different roles in a network

System and procedure for sending content and notifications to users with different roles in a network

Just in time or JIT, is a method that allows us to improve the communication systems between teachers and students. The JITT (Just in Time Teaching) method allows educators to send different types of notifications to students’ mobile devices at very specific times, such as the start of a class, a recurring question or when starting a new topic.

This makes the exchange of information between teachers and students much more fluid, as it can be used outside of class hours to support the study and practice of the subjects taught.

Pedagogical strategies aimed at making the most of the content taught to students confirm that spending time outside of class to prepare for subjects that have not yet been taught improves the assimilation of concepts by students.

Although the success of JITT is more than proven both at a theoretical and experimental level, its application in educational reality has many limitations that prevent its widespread use in practice in teaching procedures. For this reason, this system is aimed at solving the restrictions by means of an innovative system and procedure for sending notifications and contents to users of a communications network, these systems and procedure being adapted to the field of digital education and the sending of JITT-type contents.

Contract reference: 1702013-ESP