Natalia Padilla (Researcher)

Lecturer and researcher at UNIR since 2015. PhD from the University of Granada (2011), with European mention. FPU Scholarship (2007-2011). Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (2008). Computer Engineer (2005) and Technical Engineer in Computer Systems (2003).

She teaches at the School of Engineering and Technology, and is a researcher at the Institute for Educational Research, Innovation and Technology (UNIR iTED). Previously, she taught at the Ceuta campus of the University of Granada (UGR). She was trained with an FPU grant at the UGR and a post-doctoral fellowship of her own plan. She was a programmer for two years in a custom software company.

She belongs to the Institute for Research, Innovation and Educational Technology of UNIR (UNIR iTED), a research group where she participates or has participated in different research projects of the European Commission, under the Erasmus+ programme, such as Social Seducement, V-Tours, KeyStone, OpenGame or StrategyHack. Her research work focuses on the design of innovative learning experiences, mediated or supported by game elements, based on gamification.