Project StrategyHack: Hacking Institutional Strategies for Rapidly Deployed Digital Education

The European Project ‘StrategyHack: Hacking Institutional Strategies for Rapidly Deployed Digital Education’, where UNIR iTed participates, starts on 1st March 2021.

Covid-19 has forced many institutions to move online overnight, and to implement plans which either did not exist at all or which were intended to be implemented over years. In many cases, institutional leaders who had no previous experience in digital education suddenly have needed to implement it at scale with little to no preparation. StrategyHack aims to solve this problem while training institutional leaders in specific areas of digital education.

The project is based on the methodology developed in the European project Edu-Hack, which was promoted by the European Commission. After two years of intensive work, the following results are expected:

  • An online set of micro-modules which are based around a set of 15-20 essential digital skills, for institutional leaders
  • A peer-learning methodology that allows leaders from different institutions to meet, discuss common challenges, and critically, design solutions to these challenges.
  • Proposing a Management System model for digital education, which allows institutional leaders with the right skills to deploy digital education rapidly and at high quality.

StrategyHack is financed by the extraordinary call KA226, Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education – Digital Education Readiness, from Erasmus+ programme, which aims to equip education and training systems to face the challenges presented by the recent sudden shift to online and distance learning.




Having a duration of two years, StrategyHack is coordinated by Politecnico di Torino, and counts with the participation of different universities, education associations and companies from Malta, Belgium, Spain and UK.

UNIR iTed leads the development of the Course on Digital Education Strategies for institutional leaders in all the stages: from the design until the implementation, including the pilot phase.

Partners: Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), Politecnico di Tornio (Italy), Knowledge Innovation Centre (Malta), Association Europeenne D’institutions De L’enseignement Superieur (Belgium), Coventry University (United Kingdom), Medea: Media & Learning (Belgium).

Reference: 2020-1-IT02-KA226-HE-095697


Duration: 2021-2023

Funding type: European public