GREAT project – Games Realising Effective and Affective Transformation (societal and cultural domains)

The growth of games on computers and mobile platforms is a remarkable phenomenon of recent years, raising important questions about the cultural role and meaning of games, and the potential social purposes which they can serve.

The GREAT project develops the ambition of using games to create a new form of engagement and dialogue between citizens and policy stakeholders (policy makers, policy implementers, political parties, campaigning organisations and affected citizens).

In doing this, the project will demonstrate that games can have a positive impact on social engagement, by exploring the innovative potential of a game space within which citizens are willing to express their preferences and attitudes.

A series of case studies will test the approach, investigate its potential, and generalise the results. Each case study is a research cycle addressing a policy issue and research questions, with multiple pilots and quantitative and qualitative research activities, culminating in an insight report for policy stakeholders. The research is carried out in the context of the climate emergency.

The following institutions are part of the consortium carrying out the project:


Deutsches Institut fur Internationale Padagogische Forschung (DIPF)

University of Bolton (UoB) UK
Playmob (PM) UK
Serious Games Interactive (SGI) Denmark
Zentrum für Soziale Innovation / Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) Austria
Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) Spain
Frederick University (FU) Cyprus
Beijing Normal University (BNU)  (associate partner) China
Noordwes Universiteit (NWU) (associate partner) South Africa






GREAT project is funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union, under the call HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01.



Reference: 101094766

Duration: 2023-2026

Funding type: European public