About UNIR Research (2011-2016)

UNIR Research – The Research and Technology Department at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) – designs, implements and evaluates research strategies at the university. UNIR Research encourage researchers and professors to contribute effectively to research activities at UNIR, by participating in research groups, in national and European Research Projects, as well as in a wide range of calls and initiatives related to research and to the technological aspect of the institution.

UNIR research integrates and directs research activities at UNIR in line with the main academic fields of the university (Technology, Education, Communication and Social Sciences, amongst others).

Moreover, UNIR Research promotes research agreements with national and international institutions from all over the world, (mostly from Spain, Europe and Latin America). UNIR Research also represents the university at international congresses, in international organisms and Executive Boards.

The following links give you access to a different sections of information about the activity carried out Vice-chancellorship for Research and Technology between the 2011-2016

From July 2016, the Vice-chancellorship for Transfer Knowledge and Technology (http://transfer.unir.net) is carrying out some of these activities giving a special attention to all the international agreements and projects.