Project RATTLE. Structured and understandable information based on statistics

Risk assessment timelines

The RATTLE project was born to meet the need of EuropaBio, one of the most important companies in the field of biotechnology.

EuropaBio has large volumes of information distributed in different storage systems, both in documents written in natural language such as PDF and text files and information dumped into web pages in HTML language. This causes the work of collecting, analysing and processing all this information to become a difficult task. For this reason, it is necessary to invest time and resources in making all the data published on different web pages understandable and valuable.

RATTLE’s objective has been to extract, in an automated and logical way, all the information located in different places and with different storage media. The requested information will be presented in a structured and understandable way on views based on statistics.

Duration: 2018-2021

Funding type: Private/industrial