Project e-Story Media and History

UNIR participes in E-STORY: From Cinema to the web. Studying, representing and teaching European History in the digital era, (Erasmus+ Programme, Grant Agreement: 2015-1-IT02-KA201-014777318496), which designs and develops scenarios, resources and workshops for teaching History through digital media, including cinema.

The project counts on International experts on History didactics and audiovisual, including GdI-15. Dicipedi research team. UNIR contributes to the State of the Art evaluation and to provide specific training focused on how to teach using this media and its practical application in class.

Funding scheme and consortium

E-STORY is funded by ERASMUS+ Programme from the European Union, under the Key Action 2. 




Project scope

The information revolution has reached, even though in different and gradual way, also even the education system. The web and digital, as new learning environments, in addition to the more traditional ones, such as textbooks, constitute a change of “paradigm”, both in the learning / teaching styles as in the way of historical research.

E-STORY project offers an innovative teaching of history, which can both enhance and develop the professional skills of teachers / trainers, and encourage new generations to get closer to historical facts, actively involving them.


Project aims to develop next actions:

  1. Collect data in relation to audiovisual and media resources for the teaching of History.
  2. Implement surveys on how history is represented through TV and the web.
  3. Develop a dedicated learning environment and tools for the digital integration in History teaching.
  4. Increase the cross-sectoral skills of teachers and trainers regarding the use of new technologies and the analysis and criticism of web information for their effective use.
  5. Activate training paths and procedures for teachers on media literacy, analysis and the teaching use of visual sources (film and television) and new media (web, social, etc).
  6. Promote the production of dedicated open educational resources for the teaching of History.
  7. Strengthen in the younger generation, cross-cultural awareness of their own European identity, thanks to a new way of telling history, by placing history events and evolution in an European perspective.
  8. Strengthen cooperation between institutions / educational institutions through the develop-ment, testing and implementation of innovative practices in the school education sector.

Research phases

Currently, E-STORY is under a first phase of execution, after its start past September 2015.


In this project specialists in history and media education from Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands and United Kingdom work together to encourage history educators to use multimedia resources to help students become more media literate. The project will result in a variety of tools designed for educator to teach about history and media, including a training package on media literacy and multimedia tools for the teaching of history (offering resources that educators can directly use to teach about media and history in a critical way).

e-Story partners
e-Story partners


Some videos with explanations about the project


Francisco Segado, main research of the research group Coysodi funded by the Vice-chancellorship for Research and Technology (UNIR Research, //




Further information:

Time span: 2015-2018

Funding type: European public