Project: JITT (Just In Time Teaching)

The project is about creating a platform that allows teachers to send different types of notifications / questions to the students´mobile phones in specific moments before a class  or at the start of a new topic, especially when the teacher is starting a complex activity, before the explanation of a difficult concept, a recurring question, etc…


Teachers can use this platform to ask questions to students outside the class in order to be more efficient. The tool is very appropriate to encourage students to spend some time preparing the class in advance, sending small questions before class. To answer these questions, the student must complete a review or any kind of reflection. Also, teachers can reconfigure the class doing more emphasis on some issues to better address the needs of students.

Teachers from the platform upload the notification that is sent to the students mobile through a multi-device Web application, some notifications may require some short answer by the student. From the same platform you can see the response of each student and some general statistics of the class.

The platform consists both, on a Web application that the teacher uses to manage notifications and in an Android mobile application that students installed on their phones.

Key points

Great usability: Applications used by teachers and students must have a very high level of usability. It will take a great effort to design an intuitive application where you can interact quickly and easily. To do usability metrics it will be applied the KLM tool and the design patterns that give most appropriate iteration UX will be considered.

Notifications to the student: The student must be able to receive notifications and questions efficiently anytime, anywhere. The multi-device web application must have opted into receiving push notifications.

Architecture based on Web Services. Applications used by teachers and students have to communicate using Web services. In turn, the management application used by teachers must provide full functionality in the form of SW so that it can be easily integrated with other CMS platforms for e-learning.

 Gamification aspects of positive reinforcement. This platform is attached optional tool use by teachers and students, we propose to encourage its use including gamification elements in multi-device application. Students can see if they are correctly answering most of the questions and receive small prizes should be among the best in the class. This could include some of the issues on the platform spears in the final examination of the subjects, or give extra points in the test to students who earn high score.
Potential benefits in the teaching process

Fast Track students. Before the test or correction of activities, teachers can see the path that  the student or the group globally that issues have been unclear.

Prompt notification. Sometimes teachers need to make urgent corrections or comments, these comments must be received by the students immediately, for such occasions, multi-device application (Mobile) is a very effective tool.

Support to the study and monitoring of the class: the teacher has an effective tool to remind students the most important aspects of the subject and certain events.

Increased motivation and improved results. It is expected that the motivation of students using this application exceeds the average, thanks in part to measures gamification. New life to provide information to students should also be useful for better results in learning.

Funding type: Internal