Daniel Burgos

2015 - Jul 6
Prof. Dr. Daniel Burgos works as Vice-chancellor for International Research, and Full Professor of Education & Communication Technologies at Universidad Read more

Olga Sanz

2021 - Feb 10
Olga Sanz works as Project Assistant at Vicerectorate for International Research (// at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR). For more than 12 years, she has Read more

Joaquín Alonso

2017 - Jan 26
Joaquin Alonso works as a senior project manager at Vice-Chancellorship for International Research (// He holds a Law degree from Oviedo Read more

Shila Ganguly

2018 - Jan 29
Shila Ganguly works at the International Project Office in the Vice-Chancellorship for International Research (// She manages European and International research Read more

José Carlos San José

2017 - Jan 26
José Carlos San José works as Head of ICT development at the Vice-Rectorate for International Projects (// and at the Read more