Project A4Learning: Alumni-Alike Activity Analitics

The project A4Learning combines learning analytics techniques and information visualization with the aim of enhancing reflexive capacity of students and that way, contributing to a more critical learning.  This model is designed for Higher Education.

Project relevance:

Nowadays, the idea of active learning is becoming more and more important. This concept refers to a learning process, in which the students acquire knowledge by executing activities proposed by the teacher. Nevertheless, in practice, students usually achieve these activities without thinking about the skills they need to complete them.

The A4Learning project combines data mining techniques and information visualization in order to help students to think about their performance. In particular, it offers information to students helping him to reach a conclusion on his own performance according to his previous expectations.

A4Learning aims to develop a wide range of tools for capturing, analyzing and visualizing data. Later on, all the collected data will be implemented and validated in real learning scenarios.

The project’s main objectives:

  • To enhance reflexive capacity of students
  • To help students acquire “21st century skills

Work plan and methodology:

The project consists of three main parts:

  1. Development of tools permitting monitor student’s activity in an agile, non-intrusive way
  2. Implementation of tools permitting analyze and visualize captured data
  3. Validation of previously implemented software elements

Funding type: Internal