EdDiCo Project


EdDiCo – Supporting the Development of the Digital competences of educators is an Erasmus+ Project that started in October 2019 and will end in September 2022. The simple yet ambitious aim of this initiative is to create the largest resource for digital teacher education in Europe.


The EdDiCo project aims therefore at empowering individual educators to:

(a) identify the potential technology holds to transform and improve their teaching strategies;

(b) identify the digital competences they would need to acquire to make the improvements identified;

(c) find the learning opportunities and resources suitable to acquire those competences.


The project is segmented into three main phases:

Phase 1. Creating an Organisational Paradigm for digital education training content

Phase 2. Identifying High Quality open digital education training content

Phase 3. Creating tools to enable educators to find and utilise relevant content


UNIR is responsible for the activities related to the setting up of the Database of Open Learning opportunities to acquire digital skills.


The project is squarely targeted at educators, but the benefits of it should be felt by all educational stakeholders, most concretely, students, who will benefit from faster adoption of digital pedagogies for their learning.


EdDiCo is implemented by a consortium of Higher Education research institutions

(UNIR – Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Spain, Tampere University -TUNI, Finland, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University -DHBW, Germany and VMU – Vytautas Magnus University – VMU, Lithuania) together with NGOs (Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – FPM, Italy, Stifterverband, Germany) and a knowledge transfer organisation (KIC – Knowledge Innovation Centre, Malta).