7. Recommendations for UNIR Faculty Related to Open Education

The following recommendations for faculty are put forward by the present policy:

  • It is the responsibility of staff and students to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and rights to publish an OER and that all such resources published comply with all relevant policies (i.e., copyright, IPR, accessibility)
  • Staff and students are advised to publish OER using a Creative Commons attribution licence (e.g., CC-BY), when the have the rights to do so. Other Creative Commons licences (e.g., to add a non-commercial use or share-alike element) may be used if the creators feel this is necessary or appropriate for their particular resource, or to comply with the licence of any third party content used in the resource
  • Written and interactive digital teaching resources should be published in an appropriate repository or public access website in order to maximize discovery and use by others, or must be linked or federated from the university repository to other repositories. Where OER have been created as part of an externally funded activity, any storage and/or repository locations mandated as a condition of the funding should be used. Where possible, OER will be released in editable and open formats
  • Audio/video-based OER teaching resources should be published at the University’s multimedia repository
  • Faculty and students are encouraged to collect data where possible on usage of their OER

Where students are producing OER as part of their programme of study or within a faculty-directed project, these guidelines should be followed and OER should be checked by a member of staff before publication