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Burgos, Daniel Vice-rector for Knowledge Transfer and Technology. Director of UNIR iTED. UNESCO Chair on eLearning. ICDE Chair in Open Educational Resources

Contributors from UNIR (alphabetical order):

Ahedo, Josu Vice-rector for Students & Quality
Fernández-Alameda, Carlos Scientific Dissemination Unit (UCC+i)
González Crespo, Rubén Dean of Engineering & Technology. AENOR-UNIR Chair of Standards & Certification
Ibáñez-Martín, José Antonio Vice-rector for Doctorate
Montero, Julio Vice-rector for Research
Nascimbeni, Fabio Telefónica-UNIR Chair in Digital Society & Education
Serna, Pedro Vice-rector for Faculty. Dean of Social Sciences
Tourón, Javier Vice-rector for Educational Development & Innovation
Vázquez García-Peñuela, José María Rector

External Reviewers (alphabetical order):

Almakar, Ahmed Université Ibn Zhor. Directeur du Laboratoire de Recherche LABRESS Morocco
Atenas, Javiera Consultant for European Comission United Kingdom
Becker, Samantha New Media Consortium. Senior Director USA
Berrada, Khalid Université Caddi Ayad. UNESCO Chair in Teaching physics by doing Morocco
Forward, Mary Lou Open Education Consortium USA
García Peñalvo, Francisco Universidad de Salamanca Spain
Gómez, Silvia Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires Argentina
González, Carina Universidad de La Laguna Spain
Inamorato, Andreia European Commision. Joint Research Centre Seville Spain
Khoroshilov, Alexander Unesco. Institute for Information Technologies in Education Russia
Mackintosh, Wayne Open Education Foundation. UNESCO/ICDE/COL Chair in Open Educational Resources New Zealand
McReal, Rory Athabasca University. UNESCO/ICDE/COL Chair in Open Educational Resources Canada
Naidu, Som The University of the South Pacific. Vice-rector. President of Open and Distance Learning Australian Association Australia
Nichanian, Inga Unesco. UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme France
Perris, Kirk Beijing Normal University Canada
Portales, Paz Unesco France
Sainz Borgo, Juan Carlos University for Peace, United Nations. Dean Costa Rica
Scalisi, Marcello Mediterranean Universities Union. UniMed. Director Italy
Spina, Edison Universidade de São Paulo. Escola Politécnica Brazil
Stefanelli, Cristina Mediterranean Universities Union. UniMed Italy
Stracke, Christian Open Universiteit Nederland The Netherlands
Titlestad, Gard Internacional Council for Open and Distance Education. ICDE. Secretary General Norway
Villar-Onrubia, Daniel Coventry University. Principal Project Lead, Disruptive Media Learning Lab United Kingdom
Zhang, Jingjing Beijing Normal University. Centre for Big Data on Technology-Mediated Education China


University of Edinburgh OER Policy and UNISA 2014 OER Strategy

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