CyberHubs Project: Network of European Cybersecurity Skills Hubs

Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. 10 May 2024

The CyberHubs project, funded by European Erasmus+, aims to enhance the cybersecurity skills ecosystem in Europe by establishing a network of 7 Cybersecurity Skills Hubs in Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Spain, which will promote the development of digital skills in cybersecurity and support the development of a skilled cybersecurity workforce.

The project objectives are:

  • conducting comprehensive cybersecurity skills mismatches analysis by mapping existing cybersecurity education and training offers across EU Member States,
  • developing a national cybersecurity skills strategy in each partner country,
  • organising a European Cybersecurity Hackathon to foster innovation,
  • establishing twinnings between Cybersecurity Skills Hubs,
  • and promoting collaboration between education and industry sectors.

Coordinated by DIGITAL EUROPE, the project budget is over 1.800.000€. The following results are expected:

  • the establishment of a sustainable European Network of Cybersecurity Skills Hubs,
  • the development of national cybersecurity skills strategies,
  • the creation of innovative cybersecurity solutions through the Hackathon,
  • the establishment of long-term partnerships and collaboration with the wider cybersecurity ecosystem,
  • and the dissemination of project results through various communication channels.

UNIR (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja), through the Research Institute for Innovation & Technology in Education (UNIR iTED) will participate in the needs assessment activities in Spain and the development of the cybersecurity skills strategy of the country, as well as in the establishment and competence development of the national CyberHub and its services offered.

The total grant for this project is 66.848,25 euros.

Coordinator: Digital Europe (Belgium)

Partners: AGORIA – Agoria ASBL (Belgium), Solvay Lifelong Learning of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (Belgium), HOWEST – Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Howest (Belgium), ITL – Eesti Infotehnoloogia ja Telekommunikatsiooni LIIT (Estonia), TALTECH – Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), CCIS – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (Slovenia), UM – Univerza V Mariboru (Slovenia), IVSZ – Informatikai, Tavkozlesi es Elektronikai Vallalkozhu (Hungary), NKE – National University of Public Service (Hungary), SEPE – Federation of Hellenic Information Technology (Greece), AUEB-RC – Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), INFOBALT (Lithuania), KTU – University of Technology, Kaunas Partner (Lithuania), AMETIC – Asociación Multisectorial de Empresas de la Electrónica, las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicacion, de las Tele (Spain), UNIR – Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (Spain), Numeum (France), MTU – Munster Technological University (Ireland), Breyer Publico (Spain), ADECCO – Adecco Formazione (Italy)


Reference: 101140030

Time span: 2024-2028

Funding type: European public