EdDico Project publishes the competence metamodel for digital education

EdDico project, started in 2019, publishes its first results related to digital competences, obtained from the analysis developed during the initial phase.

EdDico aims to create a repository of Open Educational Resources addressed to train digital educators in Europe. The work performed during the first stage of the project allows setting up the basis for the creation of contents and tools used during the training stage.




The first result obtained from the initial phase is the Competence Metamodel for Digital education competences. The consortium identifies the main competence frameworks in use by educators and institutions across Europe and relate these to each other. The competences are then analysed, with the aim of understanding their current importance, and the potential in modernising education through digitisation. Eventually, a final list of digital competences for educators is extracted, available here. This analysis process allows the teachers to evaluate abilities that exist in all the competence frameworks.

Secondly, and based on the competence metamodel, a Learning Maturity model for digital competences is generated. For each of the identified competences, educators may not only measure their level of specific digital competences in binary terms but rather in terms of proficiency levels. EdDico proposes a generic description for each level starting from the indicators developed in CALOHEE Project.

The next stage of the project is focused in the creation of 500 OER and in the development of the technical tools. The educator will then be able to self-evaluate his/her competences, and, depending on the result, a set of resources will be suggested to acquire the pending competences.