EU project ARISA to fast-track the AI upskilling and reskilling in Europe

Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. 19 January 2023

Twenty leading organisations drive the Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA) project to accelerate the upskilling and reskilling of employees, job seekers, business leaders, and policymakers into AI-related professions.

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) transformative potential opens Europe to new opportunities, from process automation to talent development. AI technologies could significantly impact industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chains, manufacturing, or education.

Today, in the European Union, only 8% of enterprises are using an AI technology (European Commission, Digital Economy and Society Index 2022). One of the biggest barriers to AI adoption within organisations is the lack of skills (IBM, Global AI Adoption Index 2022) ARISA, an Erasmus+ project led by DIGITALEUROPE, intends to reduce the AI skills gap, boosting AI uptake and its benefits for society.

ARISA proposes a skills development approach to ensure a human-centric and trustworthy AI

Foundational and technical knowledge and skills in AI are paramount to ensure people and businesses can use and design trustworthy AI-based services and solutions, with major benefits to the digital ecosystem and the whole of society.

ARISA aims to reduce the AI skills shortages in the EU market by identifying the current and emerging AI skills gaps for specific occupational domains, including business leaders, technology leaders, tech practitioners, and policymakers. The ARISA Needs Analysis report (coming in early 2023) will uncover the new market requirements in terms of roles and skills for AI-related professions.

Over the four years of the project (2022-2024), ARISA will develop a European strategy for AI skills development that defines concrete strategic objectives and actions to address the identified skills gaps including a short-term and long-term roadmap. The project will also deliver curricula and learning programmes (EQF 4-8) to empower employees, job seekers, business leaders, and policymakers with the knowledge and skills needed to support an inclusive and human-centric AI.

An open and collaborative AI skills community to leave no one behind

ARISA is designed to engage with public and private stakeholders at the local and European levels to ensure the highest quality results and support the AI upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. Ultimately, the project wants to foster a community revolving around AI skills as part of the European Commission’s flagship initiative Pact for Skills.

Coordinated by DIGITALEUROPE, the ARISA consortium brings together 16 full partners and 4 associated partners with solid experience in technology, training, and community building, a wide network of stakeholders from diverse backgrounds including education and training providers, qualification bodies and associations representing the industry and digital ecosystem.

Project Information

The Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA) fast-tracks the upskilling and reskilling of employees, job seekers, business leaders, and policymakers into AI-related professions to open Europe to new business opportunities. It is a four-year transnational project funded under the EU’s Erasmus+ programmeE.



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Partners: The Adecco Group (IT), ASIIN Consult GMBH (DE), AS BCS Koolitus (EE), Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem (HU),  Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije (SI), Associazione Cimea (IT),  European Digital SME Alliance (BE), European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (BE),  Digital Technology Skills Limited (IE),  Exelia EE (EL),  Global Knowledge Network France (FR), Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (NL), Informatikai, Tavkozlesi Es Elektronikai Vallalkozasok Szovetsege (HU),  Universidad Internacional de La Rioja SA (ES), Univerza V Ljubljani (SI), Warszawska Wyzsza Szkola Informatyki (PL), Amazon Web Services Emea Sarl (LU), European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (BE), NVIDIA GmbH (DE)