Last Project meeting and Advisory Board meeting

The last project meeting of the ESPAQ project took place in Brussels on October 9, 2017. All partners discussed about the project results and sustainability, and the discussion went on the following day in the frame of the third and final Advisory Board meeting, under the coordination of UNIR. The three external experts members of the Advisory Board provided feedback and suggestions to enhance the sustainability of the project action in terms of students’s empowerment in Quality Assurance governance in Armenian Higher Education Institutions. Some Armenian students also attended the event, sharing their experience and how the project had an impact on their life as students and their ideas and proposals to further enhance the role of students in the governance of HEI in Armenia. The sustainability plan of the project and the Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by the Ministry of Education of Armenia and by the Armenian partner HEIs were also discussed, with students and representatives of university governance. Based on the outcomes of the discussion, the final version of both documents has been produced. The Memorandum of understanding is due to be signed at the forthcoming ESPAQ final conference, taking place in Yerevan on November 14, 2017.