EDUC-06: Neuropsychology applied to Education

The research group Neuropsychology applied to Education (NSE) proposes to study the neuropsychological difficulties that students have to respond to their needs in education from an interdisciplinary approach and a multidisciplinary research team. The main objective is to provide tools for assessment and intervention aimed at school-age students to enhance their school performance and thus their academic success.

This field of research is very new so there is few investigation studies that apply neuropsychology in everyday classroom practice. Various studies and reports such as the PISA (2013) and Eurostat (2013), exhibit poor results to the students of our country. To achieve a workable solution to this alarming problem, it is essential to know the problems or issues that may influence the low performance of students.

If one of the reasons is the difficulty of learning should carefully analyze whether students have some difficulty in input, processing and output of information they receive. It is therefore essential to evaluate neuropsychological aspects that allow us to intervene as soon as possible and anticipate these difficulties applying prevention protocols. Evaluation and intervention in learning disabilities requiring specific treatment to understand the reality of this problem (Fidalgo and Robledo, 2010). An analysis and evaluation of neuropsychological processes may allow to detect the most basic difficulties that may have students with learning disabilities, and enable a more efficient root cause of the problem and intervention.

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