OPEN CALL: Participate in the VM-PASS project!

The Universidad Internacional de La Rioja is looking for Higher Education Institutions willing to join an exciting new project, focusing on facilitating the recognition of Open Learning in Higher Education. VM-PASS is testing tools and procedures that will allow for the award, recognition and portability of open learning credit in the most efficient way possible.

As part of this test, institutions offering OERs (e.g: MOOCs, Virtual Mobility) or recognizing this type of courses are invited to join a living-lab, where members collaboratively comment on and experiment with the tools, so as to ensure maximal fitness for purpose before launching VM-PASS as a viable service.

The VM-Pass project’s mission is to give non-formal learning achievements meaning within the formal education system. The project will enable recognition of OEP-based learning, and support virtual mobility by creating an innovative “learning passport” – a standard template where non-formal learning and assessment can be documented such that it may count as qualification for higher education. The innovative VM-Pass learning passport will open up learning for all, by offering learners easier access to formal higher education through recognition of all valid forms of learning. The passport will help learners control their learning pathways, with flexible and tailored learning.

Should you be interested, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further assistance: