ICDE Virtual Global Conference Week 2021 proceedings and resources are now openly available

Logroño, La Rioja, España. 11 April 2022

The “ICDE Virtual Global Conference Week 2021: Upskilling and upscaling for quality Open, Flexible and Distance Learning (OFDL)” took place during the week of 25-29 October 2021. This conference addressed open, flexible and distance learning from a global perspective with the aim of developing skills and knowledge for upscaling quality.



Daniel Burgos during his participation in the workshop


The Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) made its contribution through Daniel Burgos, vice-rector for international research and director of the Research Institute for Innovation & Technology in Education (UNIR iTED).

Open Science represents a relatively new approach to the scientific process, based on cooperative work and new forms of knowledge dissemination through the use of digital technologies and new collaborative tools. It can support, in an innovative way, the design, implementation and validation of formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.