Project uR-Director

Educative and Technological Innovation Project

uR-Director will be a brand new service for collectives which are grouped together around an specific function, including coordination and mentoring tasks. The service, running through Telegram, will deliver answers to specific questions, withdrawn from a data base that will be fed by the users throughout a validation system.

It will use motivation and contribution strategies, retributive badges, gamification technics, and statistics and profiles analysis.

Service will be based on Telegram, and will be integrated with the LMS Sakai at Escuela de Ingeniería y TecnologíaUNIR (ESIT).

This Project is the result of the collaboration between the Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology at UNIR (UNIR Research), the Educative Technology R&D&I Institute; The Engineering and Technology School at UNIR, TFMs Department included; and Telegram expert Luis Gonzalo Aller Arias.


  1. To support Mentoring specific users
  2. To standardize support through detailed answers to regular questions.
  3. To achieve users real understanding of the service, so they can really take part and improve it.
  4. To analyze users behavior as a peer, an evaluator or a feeder.
  5. To developed a technological gadget through a highly used product (Telegram) to support users daily activities improvement