Research projects. Outlook

UNIR contributes to a selected number of Research projects which are carried out with public and private fundings. In this section you will find all related information to European and National Research projects.

European R&D Projects
National R&D Projects
UNIR Funding Projects

European Research Projects

UNIR contributes to various Research projects, funded by the European Commission:

EDUMOTION, Education on the Move – Mobile access to educational content  (FP7 Programme-SMEs-2012-1, Grant Agreement: 315568. 2012-2014)

EDUMOTION considers the relevance of location-based experiences for education. It develops a software platform for informal learning, based on field experience. 

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HOTEL, Holistic Approach to Technology Enhanced Learning (FP7 Programme-ICT-Call 8, Grant Agreement: 318530. 2012-2014)


The HOTEL Support Action aims to contribute to more effective, holistic and faster innovation cycles in EuropeanTEL, focusing on the design, testing and validation of a new innovation working method. 

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INTUITEL, Intelligent Tutoring Interface for Technology Enhanced Learning (FP7 Programme-ICT-Call 8, Grant Agreement: 318496. 2012-2015)


The objective of INTUITEL is to enhance state-of-the-art e-learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMS) with features that so far have been provided only by human tutors. An INTUITEL-enabled system constitutes an integrated learning environment that:

  • configures itself in response to any learner, 
  • monitors his/her progress and behaviour, 
  • combines these data with pedagogical and methodological knowledge and then by automated reasoning deduces optimal guidance and feedback

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EU-USR, Comparative Research on University Social Responsibility in Europe and Development of a Community Reference Framework (Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus-EAC/27/11, Grant Agreement: 2012-2014)


The EU-USR project aims to foster the creation of the European Area of Higher Education by developing a common European Framework for Universities Social Responsibility. This will open a new strand of cooperation for European HE institutions and will therefore reinforce the HE research area beyond education and research, focusing on the impact of HE institutions on their communities in terms of educational, cognitive, labor and environmental impacts.

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Inspiring Science Education, Large Scale Experimentation Scenarios to Mainstream eLearning in Science, Mathematics and Technology in Primary and Secondary Schools (ICT PSP sixth call for proposals 2012, Grant Agreement: 325123. 2012-2015)


Large Scale Experimentation Scenarios to Mainstream eLearning in Science, Mathematics and Technology, in Primary and Secondary Schools.


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Virtual Mobility Passport – Implementing Recognition of Virtual Mobility and OER Learning through a Learning Passport (Lifelong Learning Programme–Erasmus-EAC/S07/12)


The VM Pass project aims to increase inter-institutional recognition of Virtual Mobility and Open Education based learning. In the frame of the project the unbundling educational model will be launched in order to allow students to follow their studies, be assessed and certified by different institutions according their preferences, rather than have these all integrated within a single rigid study-programme.

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emundus logo

eMundus: Fostering international Higher Education collaboration through ICT and open education (Erasmus Mundus – Promotion Projects-EACEA/38/12, Grant Agreement: 2013-2508/001-001)


The eMundus project aims to strengthen cooperation and awareness among Higher Education Institutions worldwide by exploring the potential of Open Approaches (e.g. OER, MOOCs and VM) to support long term, balanced, inter-cultural academic partnership for improving learning and teaching through Open Education approaches.

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Espaq: (Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenia HE)The overall objective of ESPAQ project is to strengthen the quality assurance (QA) processes and practices in the Armenian higher education by ensuring the involvement of all the stakeholders, especially the students – the key beneficiaries.



Open Med: Opening up education in South-Mediterranean CountriesWidening participation and adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) as a bottom-up approach to support the modernisation of HEIs in Morocco, Palestine and Egypt and Jordan, improving the quality of education and teaching.

Project Qareer

Project QAREER: Quality Assurance of Career Services in Higher Education UNIR takes part in QAREER: Quality Assurance of Career Services in Higher Education, (Erasmus+ Programme, Grant Agreement: 2015-1-RO01-KA203-014972), a European project that will propose a management system for quality in university career services for students 

 E-story Media and History


e-Story Media and HistoryUNIR participes in E-STORY: From Cinema to the web. Studying, representing and teaching European History in the digital era, (Erasmus+ Programme, Grant Agreement: 2015-1-IT02-KA201-014777318496), which designs and develops scenarios, resources and workshops for teaching History through digital media, including cinema.


 National Research Projects

Analysis of the role of Social Networks and Web 2.0 in the evolution of tendencies of opinion about Spanish Armed Forces (reference number 064/01/2013)It is an R&D project conceived by UNIR Foundation, in collaboration with the “Communication and Digital Society” (COYSODI) Research Group. The project is co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Defense in the frame of its program “Grants for promoting the culture of defense in order to enhance understanding of defense as a key element in guaranteeing Spain’s security”.(More info)

UNIR Funding Projects

iLIME: Operational implementation of a recommendation model for informal and formal learning
The main purpose of the iLIME project is to elaborate and implement an automatized itinerary-recommendation system aiming at helping teachers to make personalized recommendations to its students. 
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Alumni-Alike Activity Analitics (A4Learning)

The project combines learning analytics techniques and information visualization with the aim of enhancing reflexive capacity of students and that way, contributing to a more critical learning.  This model is designed for Higher Education.

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Digital Educa

The main purpose of the project is to explore how universities will evolve during the next ten years, taking into account the progressive implementation of ICT tools in education.

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 Project: TESLA (Teacher Support Learning Analytics)

The TESLA project proposes a control panel for teachers who, besides of allowing them to monitor the activity of their students in a simple and centralized way, it enable them to receive recommendations for their teaching job. For example, the system may remind the teacher the date of the next installment or recommend him to participate in the forums. All these recommendations will be modulated by the criteria of academic coordination.(More info)


Open Educators Factory

The project is ocusing on reaching a shared definition of “Open Educator” and on developing a conceptual framework able to show the different transformation dimensions that Openness can bring to the daily work of educators in universities.

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Just in Time TeachingThe project is about creating a platform that allows teachers to send different types of notifications / questions to the students´mobile phones in specific moments before a class  or at the start of a new topic, especially when the teacher is starting a complex activity, before the explanation of a difficult concept, a recurring question, etc…

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