Rubén Gonzalez


Dr. Ruben Gonzalez Crespo is Professor of Computer Languages and Systems and Director of the Engineering School at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. In addition, he is a researcher for the Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology ( and directs the AENOR Chair for Certification on Quality Standards and Technology. Previously, he worked as Director of Graduate School of Engineering and Architecture of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. He is editor of the International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence and associate editor for other research journals. He is a Senior Researcher for COLCIENCIAS and evaluation of research programs. Its main lines of research are: e-learning, web accessibility and mobile environments. He has published over one hundred articles in prestigious magazines and national and international conferences. He has participated as a researcher in European projects, as GMOSS or SEACW well as national projects such as GBIC or SOCIAL4ALL. In Dr. Ing. In Computer Engineering and is Engineer Industrial Organization. In addition to various programs completed Master in Technological Projects.

Research interests

Mobile technologies


web accessibility

Project Management.


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Twitter: @rubenagc