The future of research at UNIR (Activity Report 2015-2016)

The seek of the research excellence has been enforced at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja UNIR with the design of an integrated structure formed by the Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology (, the Vice-chancellorship for Research and the Vice-chancellorship for Educational Innovation and Development.

The Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology ( focuses on enhancing the life-cycle of research and innovation projects. Is seeking for a practical application of results of these projects in the life of the university, such as personalization of the learning process, improved academic performance or adaptation of teaching methodology. It develops public, private and own funded projects for the various branches of knowledge of UNIR. From the design, implementation and evaluation, to the practical implementation, exploitation, dissemination, positioning and transfer of the results obtained, with special emphasis on international projects, under the brand UNIR Research. It also focuses on technological aspects that enhance the learning experience, teaching, mentoring and management context and the educational process of the university, in coordination with the other units involved.