The HOTEL project is finished

After over two years of adventure, the HOTEL project (Holistic Approach to Technology-enhanced Learning) has reached its end. The project was conceived under the Seventh Framework Programme, funded by the European Commission, and it has been executed as part of the Specific Programme on Cooperation, within The ICT Work Programme. The HOTEL Consortium is integrated by the following partners: UNIRBrunel UniversityEFQUELAtoS and ELIG.


The HOTEL proposal is focused on the design, testing and validation of a new innovation working method for Technology-enhanced Learning (the HOTEL Innovation Support Model) through the setup of Learning Exploratorium Labs in three innovation-friendly learning environments: one in Higher Education, one in a corporate setting and one within an international professional network focused on eLearning quality.

The Project carried out an Open Call for e-learning innovators to participate in the Project pilot, assessing their adoption to one of the different Project learning environments, through the application of the Innovation Support Model. From the more than 80 initial e-learning innovators who applied to the HOTEL Open call, 30 were finally selected, and 22 finalized the Project.

Meshmoon 3D (Finpeda TOY immersive learning environment) and ‘The virtual genetics laboratory’ (which forms part of the SWIFT project), both based on immersive environments, are two examples of innovations of the project, between those assessed by HOTEL experts, through the Exploratorium Lab on Higher Education managed by UNIR Research, at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

iLIME (Operational implementation of a recommendation model for informal and formal learning) and A4Learning (Alumni-Alike Activity Analytics), are also two examples of innovations in Higher Education that completed the pilot.

The final HOTEL workshop took place at the XVI International Symposium on Computers in Education (SIIE 2014) in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain). Two of the Higher Education Innovators presented their innovations to the international Technology Enhanced Learning Community. This final workshop was organized and supported by UNIR, as host and organizer, and ELIG, as speaker.

The project started with a clear vision on the need for an Innovation Support Model, as a basis for the successful application of innovations in various educative environments. Along this time, the HOTEL team have expanded this idea to the wide TEL community.

You can find all the details of the outcomes on the project website:  and at //