UNESCO-UNIR ICT & Education Latam Congress 2016. Announcement

Bogota, Colombia & Logroño, Spain. June 5th, 2016

This congress has been moved from a face-to-face location to an online organization.


Three main reasons force us to migrate the format of this long-expected event in Colombia:

  1. The devaluation of the Colombian currency against the US dollar, since November 2015 to date (almost makes double the registration fee and the participation costs).
  2. Universidad Distrital (local co-host) is going through a general strike for the last month, and there is no foreseen deadline.
  3. The Zika virus has been declared epidemic in the country, with a number of registered cases, from 10.000 in January to over 70.000 in May, and a latest expectation of 650.000 cases in October.

The combination of these three factors prevents the organizers to keep the congress hosted in Bogotá, as expected. However, and in spite of this late news, the congress will be organized online, according to the general programme, to be distributed soon after this announcement.

The organizers are really sorry about any possible inconvenience that this decision may cause, out of the maximum respect for the participants safety and in light of the objective and unexpected obstacle towards a face-to-face, excellent organization. This migration to an online format does not affect the publishing papers processes, the release of specials issues, the dissemination activities and the certification by the organizers.

More information will be posted at the congress website: http://www.unesco-unir-latam.org