UNIR Research R&D Management System certified by AENOR

7th September 2016.  With this certificate, one of the main missions of Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology, which is to boost the life cycle of research and innovation projects, is supported by AENOR. A document that acknowledges the good health of the R&D management system that has been used so far. This certificate supports the work of the Vice-chancellorship through the division of international projects, UNIR Research.

According to AENOR, the certification UNE 166002 on Management Systems R & D + i allows to “optimize the processes of research, development and technological innovation based on known structures of management systems”.


Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación, AENOR, has awarded UNIR Research with this certificate after six months of work.

“For us, this certificate is a milestone of great significance because it means a clear support of our work by the international prestige of AENOR. It provides us with confidence to keep on working on towards our research outcomes in order to have a beneficial and useful impact for the whole Society “, said Daniel Burgos, Vice-chancellor for Knowledge Transfer & Technology at UNIR.

The standard sets out the requirements of these processes to become a pole of continuous innovation. On the one hand, the creativity of researchers and detection of emerging technologies that may affect the system is encouraged. On the other, it seeks to have an organized process and work flow that seeks well-planned objectives.

It means the certification of the R&D management systems and process used nowadays by the division of international projects (UNIR Research).

In addition, the standard establishes communication parameters with other departments, the treatment that should have patents and Intellectual Property of researchers and specifications that make it compatible with other management systems

 About UNIR Research

The Vice-chancellorship for Knowledge Transfer & Technology (http://transfer.unir.net) focuses on enhancing the life cycle of research and innovation projects. Is seeking for a practical application of results of these projects in the life of the university, such as personalization of the learning process, improved academic performance or adaptation of teaching methodology. It develops public, private and own funded projects for the various branches of knowledge of UNIR. From the design, implementation and evaluation, to the practical implementation, exploitation, dissemination, positioning and transfer of the results obtained, with special emphasis on international projects, under the brand UNIR Research. It also focuses on technological aspects that enhance the learning experience, teaching, mentoring and management context and the educational process of the university, in coordination with the other units involved.


UNIR Research UCC+i

Carlos Fernández-Alameda