Launching the European Project COMPETE!

The partnership of the European Project COMPETE! – COMPetences for Effective labour markeT Entry!-, which is financed by the European Commission through the call Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships for HE (KA203), attended to the kick-off meeting held on 26th and 27th November 2019 in Bologna.




The project, coordinated by the Italian partner Demetra Formazione, started in October 2019 and will last for 30 months. The key objective aims to develop competences in young graduates about to join the labour market. To this end, the partnership will perform an analysis, involving students and employers, about the required competences to increase employability. At the same time, a study about the current gamified experiences in the market will be done. Based on the obtained results, a game will be designed and developed to provide the training to the students.

Given its great knowledge, UNIR participates in the project collaborating on the one hand in the identification of the competences to be acquired by the students. On the other hand, UNIR is responsible for the game development. UNIR research team in COMPETE! belongs to the School of Engineering and Technology, the Faculty of Business and Communication and the Research Institute for Innovation and Technology in Education (UNIR iTED).

During the meeting, the nine project partners established the basis for communication and work and defined the work to be done in the following months, focusing on tasks related to study and analysis.