ENCORE+: interviews about OER and Credentials

The ENCORE+ project supports the uptake and innovation of Open Educational Resources (OER) for education and business. An improved understanding and strategy for enabling people to receive credentials for their learning with OERs has been identified as a key enabler for uptake. With this in mind, UNIR iTED team has conducted a series of in-depth interviews to explore innovative approaches to credentialising learning in the European OER ecosystem, the opportunities which they offer, and the barriers to their application. The interviews also contributed to an ENCORE+ report discussing the same topic.

Every two weeks up to January 2023 a new interview will be published in this page.

The published interviews are listed below:

  1. Interview with Yves Deville and Christine Jacqmot: click here.
  2. Interview with Phil Barker: click here.
  3. Interview with Timothy Read: click here.
  4. Interview with Don Olcott Jr: click here.
  5. Interview with Ildiko Mazar: click here.
  6. Interview with Lorna Campbell: click here.
  7. Interview with Deborah Arnold: click here.