FUIW Open Education Science Skills 2022 training programme launched

Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. 17 May 2022

The project “Development of Open Education in FUIW member universities” (“FUIW Open Education”) aims at contributing to the uptake of Open Education practices in Education sector across ICESCO member states, starting from the assumption that educators are the cornerstone for the cultural and practice-based changes that needs to happen if we want to achieve true progress in Open Education. In this project, Open Education is understood in the broader context of Open Science. University teachers represent in fact the biggest “resistance” to the Open Education revolution – mainly because they typically fear that their role might be undermined by open approaches and because they do not have a full understanding of the potential of Open Education – and at the same time are the ones that could contribute the most to the adoption of Open Education practices from a genuine bottom-up and student-centred scope.

This project aims in its first section to support young teachers-researchers and academic staff trough out training programs in the design, production, use and dissemination of OER and adoption of open science and educational practices in higher education within FUIW member universities. This project will be fully delivered online and in Distance via an LMS Moodle platform. It will start on 17 May and will end on 23 June 2022.

Target audience

The course is addressed to university educators (professors, lecturers, researchers) from any discipline, with the following required characteristics:

  • Basic ICT skills (use of computer, email, forum etc.)
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn about Open Education
  • Openness to re-think and question one’s educational practice
  • High engagement with individual and group learning activities
  • Open to constructive feedback, respectful to others
  • Willingness to work in intercultural context and awareness


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Basic structure

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“FUIW Open Education” will focus on three main, and inter-laced, objectives:

  1. Increasing awareness on Open Education among higher education teachers, by providing a body of knowledge of Open Education working practices, using a language and a taxonomy that is understandable and attractive to teachers
  2. Fostering engagement of Higher Education teachers within Open Education practices, by collecting and mainstreaming successful “teachers-centred” Open Education practices that can inspire teachers towards change underlying the positive change that they would bring into their teaching practices
  3. Building capacity of Higher Education teachers to work with open approaches, based on the experiences of other teachers who are already successfully adopting such approaches.

Key learning outcomes

The expected learning outcomes for learners taking the FUMI training session are:

  • Understand the potential advantages of adopting OER and Open Education approaches in different contexts
  • Recognise relevant concepts such as OER, Open Educational Practices, open content, open pedagogy, open assessment
  • Understand how content released under different open licences can be reused
  • Distinguish different types of Open Licences and understand limitations in the reuse of Open Content
  • Apply Open Licences to their own content
  • Search for high quality OER
  • Reuse and remix OER
  • Recognise different types of open educational practices and initiatives.
  • Understand what MOOCs are and how to produce MOOCs
  • Incorporate open educational practices into their teaching and learning
  • Adapt OER and MOOCs to their specific context