OpenGame Project makes progress

OpenGame Project, started in 2019 and coordinated by UNIR iTed, promotes the adoption of Open Education Resources by high education teachers. To do so, an online game addressed to educators is designed and developed, to help them to apply these resources in their daily practice.

During the first phase of the project, open teaching practices are identified to support the educators in the design of a more inclusive and innovative education. In addition, a framework of open education competences is elaborated, containing aptitudes that the European educators should acquire to implement open teaching practices. The results and conclusions of this analysis phase are published here.




Starting from the 8 competences previously identified, the course curriculum and contents are defined. These contents are imparted through the game developed by UNIR, addressed to high education teachers, and utilizing open tools and approaches.




In the game, the user becomes a character, who is a teacher that discovers the open education world and must understand it and implement it at the university where she works. Throughout the story, the teacher looks for information and interacts with other agents that will help her to meet the purpose. Structured in 8 modules, the goal is to introduce the player to activities related to open education and make him/her reflect on its application to the teaching methodology.

The game is tested in a pilot phase by educators from the universities participating in the project and launched through a kit of transferability tools aiming to promote the online game in other European universities.