The book “Radical Solutions in Palestinian Higher Education. Research from An-Najah National University” is published

Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. March 21, 2022

The book Radical Solutions in Palestinian Higher Education. Research from An-Najah National University, which is part of the Lecture Notes in Educational Technology (LNET) series, has been recently published.

This book consists of 12 chapters and provides a framework to foster the digital transformation of higher education institutions. An-Najah National University (Palestine) had to adapt very quickly to the digital environment after the initial outbreak of COVID-19 and offers its successful experience to facilitate this transition for other educational institutions.

The book focuses on continuous improvement and quality offerings in higher education through:

  • Teaching-learning methodologies in online environments.
  • The use of open education as a key element.
  • Academic capacity building through the exchange of knowledge with other higher education partners.

Innovative ideas, a selection of best practices and comparative case studies are presented, discussed, and compared with other international experiences. In doing so, it aims to make specific recommendations for successful and sustainable implementation.

The editors of the book are Daniel Burgos, Vice Rector for International Research at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) and Director of the Research Institute for Innovation & Technology in Education (UNIR iTED); and Saida Affouneh, Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training and is Founder and Director of the E-Learning Center (ELC) at An-Najah National University.