EDUC-03: Educational Vocation as Action

Educational science does not analyse natural phenomena, but it studies the way human development needs to take place, which, in contrast to what happens with animals that have a temporal development programme when they are born, appears in human existence in different manners. Therefore, the current human fulfillment model influences necessarily the educational activity, the way we see the new generations, the behaviour of  educators, the organisational structure of educational institutions, as well aseducational contents. In this context, there is a need to conduct some basic research on the structure of human dignity in order to define how to behave ourselves to achieve excellence and plenitude.

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  • Juan Luis Fuentes. Research Group Director. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • José Antonio Ibáñez-Martín. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • José María Ariso. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • Mauricio Bicocca. Universidad de Los Andes (Chile)
  • Carmen  Caro Samada. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • Francisco Esteban Bara. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja y Universidad de Barcelona
  • Juan García Gutiérrez. UNED
  • Ana María Gil Antón. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Daniel Moreno. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • Jesús Plaza. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  • David Reyero García. Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Acronym: Educacción

Website: //

Lines of Research: Promotion of ethical and civic online education,  Policy, family and school

Descriptors:Educational models, Action, Plenitude, Ethics, Family, Educational policies, Civic learning