ESIT-04: Strategies of emotional communication in business organizations

In a society marked by hyper-communication, communication activities carried out by companies need to be more and more efficient. For this reason, it is crucial to design effective strategies in order to ensure that each individual has access to all the information within the company. The project aims to establish a set of guidelines companies need to gain increased visibility and to foster interaction with their target public through a number of communication channels.

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Nowadays, communication is ever-present at all business levels: From the manufacturing processes when the company interacts with employees and suppliers, to the commercialization period with distributors and potential customers, and obviously in advertising campaigns themselves. Due to this constant interaction with a large number of stakeholders, companies create an image and gain reputation with the aim of capturing attention and interest of the target public in order to achieve a better positioning.
Accordingly, corporate reputation has been one of the most attractive subjects of study for researchers from different fields of study.
This academic interest was generated basing in a number of scientific publications: the foundation of journals which focus exclusively on corporate reputation (e.g. Corporate Reputation Review) or the annual publication of literature reviews on reputation and its background or consequences (e.g. Lange et al., 2011; Walker, 2010).
This irrefutable academic interest reflects an increasing concern within the business world. The importance of corporate reputation, and specially, the relations between organizations and stakeholders (Fombrun, 1996), is not ignored by the business management. One example is the fact that reputation management is becoming a more and more important issue for business executives, as well as for comunication agencies.
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  • Jesús Perán López. Research Group Director Universidad Internacional de La Rioja /UNIR Business School
  • Francisco Javier Forcadell Martínez. UNIR Business School/Universidad Rey Juan Carlos,
  • Enrique Cervantes. UNIR Business School
  • Javier Perán López. UNIR Business School
  • Andreas Schou. UNIR Business School
  • Carlos Asenjo. UNIR Business School
  • Marcos Sanz. UNIR Business School /Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Jesús Pérez Abadía.


Acronym:  SCOEM

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Line of Research: Analysis of the efficiency of emotional communication strategies in Spanish business organizations

Descriptors: Business communication, Social Networks, Social Media, Marketing, Corporate Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility,  Neuromarketing, Neuroscience and business