Research projects (Activity Report 2015-2016)

Research Projects

UNIR Research designs, contributes and leads a number of research projects at regional, national and European levels. Intead of the gradually openning to another areas of knowledge, the main topic for our university is Educational Technology as long as we use Internet on a daily basis as a communication media for the students, professors, staff and general public.

Furthermore, we work on educational innovation (e.g., methodology, personalized learning, open educational resources, MOOCS), but also in other topics of education as innovation, methodology, personalized learning, open educational resources, didactics, assestment… to say some of them, but we can also includes communication, entrepreneurship, game-based learning, business, big data and others…

Through UNIR Research, UNIR is an active member of various public research projects, both international, national and regional. Some of the publicly funded projects in which it participates are:



EDUMOTION (adaptive learning through mobile devices)



 HOTEL (model supporting educational innovation


INTUITEL_LogoV10INTUITEL (automated tutoring student)


logo_carrusel-300x190 EU-USR (Social Responsibility at University




 Inspiring Science Education (teaching support and motivation on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)



logo-vmpassVM-PASS (recognition system open education resources and college credit)


EMUNDUS (collaboration on open educational resources internationally)




logoSocialseducement SOCIAL SEDUCEMENT (Serious gaming for collective social economy entrepreneurship)


OPEN MED (Opening up education in South-Mediterranean Countries)



Espaq-logoESPAQ (Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenia HE)




E-STORY (From Cinema to the web. Studying, representing and teaching European History in the digital era)



SOCIAL4ALL (adaptation system accessible on websites)




AppMOOC (support for semi-automatic correction of massive courses online activities)



Most projects are funded by the European Commission, through the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme VII, Erasmus +, and other programs, as well as regional (ADER). In many of them, UNIR is the only Spanish member.