Support Research Strategy (Activity Report 2015-2016)

The Second Research Support Strategy 2 (2013-2015) (PPI-II) of UNIR aimed to foster and support the implementation of research lines and stimulate the creation of research groups (GdI), as well as collective and individual initiatives by providing funds for a determined period of time. This programme ended in September 2015.


The Third Research Support Strategy 3 (2015-2017) (PPI 3) at UNIR, approved last year, is committed to promote and facilitate the design and execution of research groups and activities, along with the research lines that are aligned with the main academic fields of our institution, and the European Guidelines for Research.

The strategy provides UNIR funding to the research groups for a determined time period and according to measurable objectives and success criteria. One of the purposes is also to attract excellent researchers worldwide.


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