UNIR iTED contributes to the annual appoinment of International Day of Universal Access of Information

The International Day of Universality Access Information (IDUAI) will gather in Maurituis, in September 27th-30th, 2017 some of the best experts on Educational Technology and Innovation, Open Education and Educational Policies, from Africa and all over the world in an event organized by UNESCO and the Mauritius Government and with the full support on eLearnign Africa. During these days will take place all kind of sessions and workshops about Innovation and Education Technology which promote access, equality, inclusion and quality to educational process beyond political or cultural obstacles.

Daniel Burgos, UNESCO Chair on eLearning, UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources and Director of Research Institute for Innovation & Technology in Education of UNIR (UNIR iTED), will lead on September 27th  an expert panel with the intervention Key issues to design and implement a National declaration about Open Educationamong other panels. UNIR iTED role is crucial, since from its inception works on eLearning and Open Educational implementation of techniques, methodologies and tools. UNIR is part of UNTWIN UNESCO Chairs Program, with 116 countries, with over 700 chairs and networks in the world, in order to promote both research and knowledge exchange in a soldary international environment.

The event can be followed in #IDUAI2017 and @unescoeastafrica (Facebook) and @UNESCOEastAfrica (Twitter) accounts.