UNIR presents the Horizon Report 2015 Higher Education Edition translation into Spanish

According to the NMC Horizon Report 2015 Higher Education Edition the key trends in the education field will focus on personalized learning, data analysis on education, evolution of online learning, and the rethinking of learning spaces. For the mid-term, the reports highlights the relevance of the wearable technologies and the creation of makerspaces.

UNIR experts has underlined the implantation level of some important developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education such as Bring Your Own Device and the flipped classroom, where the students become more active learners working together to solve local or global challenges.

The report is considered as a worldwide reference on emerging technology trends in educationInternational University of La Rioja has translated into Spanish the Horizon Report 2015 Higher Education Edition

UNIR is the only Spanish partner participating in the report elaboration 

Miguel Arrufat, UNIR CEO and expert on the subject, has highlighted the important support that this collaboration, including the participation in the report and the third consecutive year of the translation, represents for UNIR as a support from the international community to the work that UNIR develops on the eLearning field. Furthermore, Arrufat has stressed the direct application in International University of La Rioja of the new technologies signaled in the report, mainly in learning analysis and for personalizing the learning experience.

In addition, Daniel Burgos, Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology (UNIR Research; //research.unir.net) and UNESCO Chair on eLearning has thanked to UNESCO for the support in the report translation and composition. Dr. Burgos has said that the personalized learning and the data analysis from users and teachers, are the keys to achieve a significant change in the online education approach, as well as in the improvement of learning outcomes.

From Texas (USA) and as a team member of NMC, Samantha Becker has emphasized that “our report series is now approaching 6 million downloads across 195 countries annually”. Becker has added that “we truly hope the reports catalyzes a lot of important discussions around improving teaching learning on Higher Education across Spain and all the Spanish speaking nations, thanks to the combined effort made by UNIR, UNESCO Chair on eLearning and the ICDE Chair in Open Educational Resources”.

Horizon Report 2015 Higher Education Edition

 For third consecutive time, UNIR, trough UNIR Research (UNIR Research, http://www.research.unir.net) and thanks to the UNESCO Chair on eLearning, and ICDE Chair on Open Educational Resources, has translated a report considered as the world´s longest-running exploration of emerging technology trends and uptake in education.

New Media Consortium and EDUCASE Learning Initiative has lead this report based on the collaborative research and discussions of a body of 56 experts, with UNIR as the only one Spanish partner

The report identifies and describes emerging technologies to be considered for its impact over the next five years in education around the world. It is divided on short, mid, and long- term trends, challenges and technologies for Higher Education.

“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the flipped classroom are expected to be increasingly adopted by institutions in one year´s time or less to make use of mobile and online learning”, indicates the report. It also remarks that “the time-to-adoption for makerspaces and wearable technology are estimated within two to three years”.

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