UNIR takes part at the 38th UNESCO General Conference

The Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) has participated at the 38th UNESCO General Conference and the Leader´s Forum (16-17 November) through the UNESCO Chair on Learning, the ICDE Chair in Open Educational Resources (//research.unir.net/unescochair), and UNIR Research (Vice-chancellorship of Research and Technology of UNIR, //research.unir.net). 

This General Conference has been sadly marked by the terrorist attacks on 13th November in Paris, France. Attended by an unprecedented number of Heads of State and Government, the Organization has reaffirmed the importance of UNESCO´s mandate and his role on education, culture, science and sustainable development.

The President of the French Republic, François Hollande, has defended the key values of UNESCO for a cross cultural dialogue “What underpinned its foundation was the promotion of the diversity of cultures (…) a diversity which rejects uniformity and promotes pluralism of opinion and belief; a diversity which makes education a driver of universal emancipation.”

Education as a tool to prevent violent extremism

More than 180 States endorsed the Education 2030 Framework for Action, in the frame of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Also, and organized by UNESCO and United States, a number of debates were conducted about how to counter violent extremism. Participants highlighted the role of schools in promoting values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.

Science for growth

According to the UNESCO Science Report: towards 2030, launched on World Science Day, all countries agree in a vision in which research and innovation are a key driver for sustainable economic growth and social development.

Education and Digital Heritage

In terms of Education, UNESCO has approved a Resolution on Internet Universality and a Recommendation on the Preservation and Access to Documentary and Digital Heritage. In addition, the Members States has revised the 1978 International Charter for Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport, with one objective: the protection of sport from doping, violence, manipulation and corruption.



Carlos Fernández-Alameda

UNIR Research UCC+i