Video | Peter Csermely: “Talent Support is benefitial for the whole society”

Thanks to the 75th anniversary of the Journal “Revista de Educación”, the Vicechancellorship for Educational Innovation and Development and the Vice chancellorship for Research and Technology (UNIR Research, // have received the visit of Peter Csermely, one of the most well-known experts on Talent Development and President of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA). We have discuss with him the role of Administration, teachers and parents on maximizing the gifted students´ outcomes.

“Talent support is a key asset for Europe and for the rest of the world, not only a sectorial problem”, Peter Csermely has said in a conversation with Javier Tourón, vice-chancellor for Innovation and Educational Development and with Daniel Burgos, vice-chancellor for Research and Technology.

About the policy concerning high performance students, Peter Csermely has underlined that “we need to take a good care of this talented people, because they have produced solutions worldwide, so they are a key asset”.

From left to the right: Daniel Burgos, Peter Csermely and Javier Tourón.
From left to the right: Daniel Burgos, Peter Csermely and Javier Tourón.

Too many times, teachers don´t have the resources or the knowledge to deal with these students. However, “you must never give up to find a talented girl or boy in your class, if they are boring in class, you have to involve them in more difficult tasks and in the progress of the rest”. Also, he has encouraged teachers to join european networks as ECHA, “it represents a chance to find a specialist in all Europe who has the solutions you don´t have or who has dealt with the same problem”.

Lastly, speaking about parents and the relationship with gifted kids Peter Csermely has highlighted the need to not to be afraid. “You are not alone, you should not feel insecurity about your child, you will not understand his life, what he or she is doing, but the kid is going to love you in the same way”.

Daniel Burgos, Javier Tourón and Peter Csermely are studying ways to collaborate broadly between ECHA and Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, to develop some applications based on Technology and Innovation to foster networking amongst high ability learners.