The online course-workshop Design and management of international research projects, developed by UNIR for the UEA, starts

Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. November 16, 2021.

Today begins the program Design and management of international research projects, led by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) and will run for 4 weeks (50 hours of duration equivalent to 2 ECTS credits). This training action is directed by Daniel Burgos, director of the Research Institute for Innovation and Technology in Education (UNIR iTED), and counts on the collaboration of the Universidad Estatal Amazónica (UEA) of Ecuador, who will be in charge of inviting the attendees to the course until a total of 30 seats are filled.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Burgos at the presentation session


The main objective of this program is to train teacher-researchers to be able to design, create and enhance the follow-up of international research projects.  It has an eminently practical character, where attendees must come with a research project idea written up. Over the course of four weeks, students will work on the elaboration of their respective research proposals, including not only the research part, but also the administrative and economic aspects.

A Learning Management System (LMS) will be used to share resources, encourage communication among all participants, evaluate activities, etc. In addition, there will be two live online sessions per week, where the practical aspects of the course will be presented: how to read a public call for proposals, keys to a winning project, design and execution of useful budgets, etc. Speakers include Daniel Burgos, Dai Griffiths, Joaquín Alonso, Stefania Aceto and Shila Ganguly. All of them with extensive experience in international project management.

The contents that will be covered during the course are the following:

  • How to read a public call for proposals.
  • Keys to a winning project, project cycle.
  • How to write a research group profile.
  • Design and execution of useful and credible budgets.
  • Documentation of justification and follow-up, consortium management, research team management.
  • Progress indicators, impact measurement, exploitation.
  • Structure of work packages, tasks and reports, resource allocation.

All students who pass the evaluative tests will obtain the certificate issued by UNIR, with QR code of centralized registration of titles.