Research Introduction

Current Research policies at UNIR are focused on the definition and development of research lines in order to foster the unique character of the university among international educational institutions dedicated exclusively to online education. UNIR highlights the quality of individual and group study supported by cutting edge educational technologies.

Aiming at optimizing learning performance of its students as well as achieving an immediate, effective application of acquired knowledge and skills, UNIR carries out a number of research activities focused on the latest advances of the seven academic pillars of the university: Educational Technology, Educational Innovation, Education, Communication, Social Sciences, Social Care, Business, Psychology, Engineering, and Accessibility, amongst others

These academic fields are liaised with the main academic interests of UNIR. These fields gather a historical evolution of the last decades, which has been shown efficient and in continuous progress, allowing us to determine these fields as fundamental for the present and the immediate future of highest quality.

Each of these fields is reflected in the curricular program, as well as in the research activities of the university. In other words, each of them is supported by Graduate and Master Degrees, and they are subject to a continuous evolution, due to the progressive incorporation of new degrees and courses.

The current Research Vision at UNIR is depicted in the bi-annual Research Support Strategy. The Research Support Strategy of UNIR defines the main research lines for the two-year period (2015-2017) and it approves nine initial research lines to be executed by different research groups led by professors and researchers renowned in their academic areas, and in accordance with the Doctorate Program of the university.

Download the 2013-2014 Activity Report.

Download the 2014-2015 Activity Report

Download the 2015-2016 Activity Report