The ongoing international network of partners with different agreements

Following the internationalization strategy of UNIR, the vice chancellorship for research and technology is promoting research and development agreements with national and international institutions with the aim of fostering this area within the university and supporting its lecturers, researchers and students in their academic and research career.

In the framework of these international agreements, different joint activities will be planned, such as the exchange of lecturers, researchers and students, or the design and development of joint academic post-graduate programmes. Furthermore, the design and implementation of research, development, and innovation (R&D&i) projects and proposals are also foreseen between the collaborating institutions.

In addition, UNIR contributes to several European research projects that are based on educational technology, innovation in education, entrepreneurship, communication and social sciences, amongst other topics.

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UNIR Research is a partner in consortia work and research agreements with leading universities, institutions and companies in Europe and other continents: Germany, UK, Finland, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Indonesia and New Zealand, as well as Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala in Latam. In total, over 100 agreements that enable the development of a multidisciplinary research network focused on the overall priorities of UNIR, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge, activities, resources and researcher-teacher staff smoothly and efficiently.